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Zone 1 Daytime Class- US$21 per class

Zone 1 Evening Class- US$26.5 per class

Zone 2 Daytime Class- US$26.5 per class

Zone 2 Evening Class- US$31.5 per class

Zone 3 Daytime Class- US$31.5 per class

Zone 3 Evening Class- US$37 per class

Corporate French Classes

Bonjour Institute provides Corporate French Tuition to a wide range of local and international clients.

Text Book (Beginners or Intermediate)- US$42

Text Book (Advanced)- US$44

French Classes

Private French Tuition

Bonjour Institute offers Private French Classes to our elite clients in Nairobi. These are people whose schedules are unpredictable as well as those who travel a lot. We offer you the chance to learn French from the comfort of your home by sending a French tutor to your location in Nairobi at a time of your convenience. We cover the cost of the tutor's transport from our City Center campus. Click here to access the Fees' Structure for our Private French Classes as well as the areas that we cover.

Our exclusive clientele is largely composed of expatriates and well-to-do Kenyans who have a taste for the finer things in life. They demand excellence and that is exactly what we offer them.

Please note that in a bid to offer you high-quality services, we only serve a very limited number of hand-picked clients for our Private Classes, and new applicants may be put on a Waiting List as they wait for a slot to open up.

Depending on your location and intended class time (refer to the Fees' Structure), you can pay for your class via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card below: (Minimum payment- 8 Classes. If you are a new student please include payment for the text book). Before payment, please Contact Us to confirm availability of your desired hours.